August 26th, 2020

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our students back to school. This week went very well with our Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students. It is so nice to see our students back in the hallways. Next week we look forward to welcoming our 3rd and 4th grade students back on Tuesday and our 5th grade students on Thursday.


You should have already received your email letter for our annual re-registration process. The email would have been from the “Derry Cooperative School District” and it contained a link to get into your information. Please complete that online information as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, during these ever-changing times we can’t welcome any volunteers into our school at this time. We thank you all for your continued support and kinds words!


Your child’s safety is our number one concern! With that in mind, we ask that all parents of our “in- person” students call our school office at 434-2430 or e-mail your child’s teacher, our school secretary, Jamie Morin, jmorin@sau10.org, and our school nurse, Mrs. Thomopoulos, cthomopoulos@sau10.org, if your child is going to be out sick or tardy. If your student is sick, you must share symptoms with our school nurse. Alternatively, you can now put absences into PickUp Patrol.


Our PTA is very active, and all the members are devoted to the children at Barka. They have fundraisers to raise money for field trips and assemblies and they sponsor numerous activities throughout the year. It is time to sign up to be a member, which is only $10.00 a person. If you are interested, please email barkapta@gmail.com for more information.


As we start this new school year, we want to remind you that we always promote healthy eating and lifestyles. Families are encouraged to provide their children with a nutritious and healthy snack to eat at school. Good habits start early, and children learn by the example of their peers as well as adults. Fruits and vegetables are always a good choice as well as yogurt, cheese, and whole-wheat crackers.


Please check out our limited time only spirit shop. We have created some amazing apparel and other items for purchase to show off your Barka School Spirit! These items will be unavailable after September 18th. Please visit this link to purchase items. https://www.bsnteamsports.com/shop/BARKABULL1

Daniel J. LaFleur, Principal


September 4 NO SCHOOL – Labor Day break

September 7 NO SCHOOL – Labor Day

September 8 Grades 3 & 4 begins for In School learning

September 10 Grade 5 begins for In School learning

Cathryn Thomopoulos, RN


This is a reminder that, like many childhood issues, Head lice (Pediculosis Capitis) can be a common occurrence with children. It is not uncommon for head lice to be noted in the weeks after children return to school after spending vacation time at camps and having sleepovers. These parasites cannot, fly, jump or crawl long distances, and they do not cause illness. They are transmitted from one child to another through direct head to head contact (i.e. sleepovers, very close play), or by sharing combs, brushes, hats, bedding, etc. Head lice are not associated with poor hygiene.

Parents and family members are often the first to recognize the most common symptom of head lice, which is constant itching of the head, particularly behind the ears or at the nape of the neck.

It is important to check your child’s hair regularly throughout the year.

  • Observe for itching of the scalp. If itching is noted…

  • Carefully examine the hair and scalp of your children and all family members for lice and/or their eggs. Lice are small, the size of a sesame seed and tan or grey. Nits (eggs) are small, oval shaped and gray or white in color. Nits are usually firmly attached (glued) to the hair shaft, close to the scalp. It helps to use a magnifying glass to detect them.

  • Remind your children not to use or borrow anyone’s personal accessories like brushes, hats, headbands or combs.

If you suspect your child has lice, check with your health care provider, school nurse or pharmacist for instructions on how to treat an infestation. The school nurse will give ongoing support and ensure student confidentiality. If you have treated your child for head lice, please inform the school nurse and consider informing the parents of your child’s close playmates.

Resources for further information:

  • NH Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health @ www.dhhs.nh.gov

  • Communicable Disease Control @ www.cdc.gov

  • We appreciate all your efforts in helping to control this nuisance. If you have any questions or concerns, please call your school’s nurse.


August 2020

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