Ernest P. Barka Elementary School

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21 Eastgate Rd. 

Derry, NH 03038


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Please note that as of 10/24/21 you now must dial 603 at the start of all phone calls, even for local NH calls.

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Barka offers challenging Academics alongside a Social Curriculum emphasizing (C.A.R.E.S.).

Cooperation - Students’ ability to establish new relationships, maintain positive relationships and friendships, avoid social isolation, resolve conflicts, accept differences, be contributing members of the classroom and school community, and work productively and collaboratively with others.

Assertion -Students’ ability to take the initiative, stand up for their ideas without hurting or negating others, seek help, succeed at a challenging task, and recognize their individual self as separate from the circumstances or conditions they’re in

Responsibility - Students’ ability to motivate themselves to take action and follow through on expectations; to define a problem, consider the consequences, and choose a positive solution.

Empathy - Students’ ability to “see into” (recognize, understand) another’s state of mind and emotions and be receptive to new ideas and perspectives; to appreciate and value differences and diversity in others; to have concern for others’ welfare, even when it doesn’t benefit or 

may come as a cost to one’s self.

Self-Control - Students’ ability to recognize and regulate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to succeed in the moment and remain on a successful trajectory.

Kindergarten Registration

2022-2023 Kindergarten Registration opens January 20, 2022. More Information:

Emergency Remote Learning Day Plan 

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K-8 Emergency Remote Learning Plan 2021-2022
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